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CGR Architectural Studio has a team of SACAP registered architect’s, technologists and draughtsman working together to provide you with a high quality product finish.

CGR has been in operation since 2004 to current, the owner, Clive Roth, has roots stemming from an international company, Stefan Antoni Architects, who specializes in top class architecture across SA’s border’s.

Our Values

We know that creative projects requires a unique combination of drive, ambition, skill and technical know-how so we therefore only hire the best to ensure we provide a turn-key solution for our clients that is both realistic and extraordinary!

We care about each and every client and will work our hardest to design a safe and exciting home for each of our clients. We also follow best practices in the areas of ergonomic home planning and environmentally-friendly design to make your home efficient and save you money on the cost of utilities.

Our primary focus is always on quality of life for our clients rather than the quantity of sales we can accomplish and we therefore focus on areas such as building orientation, sunrise and sunset locations, maximizing view points, the ‘homely feel’ as well as ensuring that the exterior of the property flows with the landscape and the vegetation that grows in that area and we ensure that it is ascetically pleasing to the eye which makes our homes not only feel homely but look homely too.

NHBRC Guides: Home Building Manual

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The complete SANS10400 and NBR Guide

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Built Houses & 3D Presentations Designed by :

CGR Architectural Studio (Pty) ltd.

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House 1 : Gowrie Farm located in Nottingham Road, KZN Midlands

 House 2 : Gowrie Farm located in Nottingham Road, KZN Midlands

House 1: Stoneford Estate located in Assagay, KZN (3D Projection)

House 2: Stoneford Estate located in Assagay, KZN (3D Projection)

Development located in Waterfall, KZN

House 1 Cotswold Downs located in Hillcrest, KZN

House 2 in Partnership with Scott Phillips Architects: Cotswold Downs
located in Hillcrest, KZN

 House 3 in Partnership with Scott Phillips Architects: Cotswold Downs
located in Hillcrest, KZN

Client-Architect Checklist

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Clients Needs Analysis Questionnaire

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You And Your Architect – Architect Relations Guide

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How To Be SANS 10400XA Compliant – A Guide

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Building Applications – Requirements & Responsibilities

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SA Home Loans Home Buyers Guide

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Services We Offer

We at CGR Architectural Studio are registered professionals with SACAP.

We specialize in residential design, developments, additions and alterations as well as commercial property.

Each design is unique and is matched to our clients desires and needs to give you, our valued client, the best possible professional advice and service.

We will tailor-design your new house or alterations from sketch design to full working drawings to final approval at council.

We also provide a full liaison service with the Local Authority and any required specialists, to ensure a speedy approval and thus quick commencement on building.

Since we have been in the architectural industry for over 20 years we can therefore simplify the process for you because we have a comprehensive list of requirements and a list of contacts to obtain what is required in order to obtain approval from council as well as commencement of construction.

If you are a developer and you have multiple developments we can provide you with a tailor made agreement which will help you save on the multiple developments you require us to design for you.

We are committed to keep you always informed and up to date with every detail of the progress of your plans from inception to final approval at council by means of email notifications each time there is new progress on your project.


Trusted by some


“I would like to express my sincere thanks for the kind and professional manner in which you have assisted me with my home in Gowrie farm.

From the outset you placed a great emphasis on listening to what we were after and then creatively mounding the ideas into a masterpiece, one that you can be very proud of. The great thing though for me was the fact that the service remained consistent from the design stage right through to completion.

Your continual feedback and prompting has helped to produce a home that I believe will be a stand out property on the estate for years to come.

A warm thank you from us to you and your team who don’t just design homes you create spaces where memories are forged. Well done and keep doing those wonderful things that bring huge satisfaction to the end customer.”

Glen Nortje (Date: 21 December 2016)

“When my wife and I decided to build instead of buy we quickly came to the realisation that finding an architect to assist can be somewhat challenging. The prominent names that we came across were tough to secure an appointment, failed to take interest in our own design ideas and then quoted an outrageous amount for a design that is relatively simple.

After some searching we came across CGR. They promptly gave us estimated costs, setup an appointment on site and had a concept drawing, supporting literature and photo’s for us to consider. The rates were fair, the response to questions and requests for opinion were quick and we proceeded under their guidance obtaining the submission drawings and required reports long before we were able to start construction.

Working with Clive and Jackie has been a pleasure.”

Chris Paxman – Hillcrest (Date: 13 December 2016)

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