CGR Architectural Studio has a team of SACAP registered architect’s, technologists and draughtsman working together to provide you with a high quality product finish.

CGR has been in operation since 2004 to current, the owner, Clive Roth, has roots stemming from an international company, Stefan Antoni Architects, who specializes in top class architecture across SA’s border’s.

Our Values

We know that creative projects requires a unique combination of drive, ambition, skill and technical know-how so we therefore only hire the best to ensure we provide a turn-key solution for our clients that is both realistic and extraordinary!

We care about each and every client and will work our hardest to design a safe and exciting home for each of our clients. We also follow best practices in the areas of ergonomic home planning and environmentally-friendly design to make your home efficient and save you money on the cost of utilities.

Our primary focus is always on quality of life for our clients rather than the quantity of sales we can accomplish and we therefore focus on areas such as building orientation, sunrise and sunset locations, maximizing view points, the ‘homely feel’ as well as ensuring that the exterior of the property flows with the landscape and the vegetation that grows in that area and we ensure that it is ascetically pleasing to the eye which makes our homes not only feel homely but look homely too.