Building Inspectorate Involvement

The local Building Inspector is primarily responsible for regulating building activities undertaken upon a property by the owner and ensuring that such activity is in accordance with an approval granted by the local authority, not planning authorization.

Where such activity is not in terms an approval granted by the local authority the Building Inspector responsible for instituting the necessary legal action against owner/s.

Any deviation or departure from the local authority approval and approved building plan that is necessary on site requires the submission and approval of a building application before such changes can be effected on the site. The procedure for the submission and consideration of an application for a deviation or departure from work approved is as contained above. No building work in respect of a proposed deviation or departure may be undertaken until approval therefor has been obtained.

The Building Inspector is not empowered to authorize or grant authorization to commence any building work based upon the submission of an application to the local authority, whether in terms of a Town Planning Scheme or sec. 4 of Act 103 of 1977.

Upon completion of the building work for which approval was obtained, the Building Inspector is responsible for issuing a certificate of occupancy for the occupation of the building. This is subject to the necessary supporting documentation and certificates being submitted.

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