The NHBRC is governed by the Housing Consumers Protection Measures Act, 1998 (Act No.95 of 1998). The Act states that the NHBRC’s role is to:
(a) Represent the interests of housing consumers by providing warranty protection against defects in new homes;
(b) Regulate the home building industry;
(c) Provide protection to housing consumers in respect of the failure of home builders to comply with their obligations in terms of this Act;
(d) Establish and to promote ethical and technical standards in the home building industry;
(e) Improve structural quality in the interests of housing consumers and the home building industry;
(f) Promote housing consumer rights and to provide housing consumer information;
(g) Communicate with and to assist home builders to register in terms of this Act;
(h) Assist home builders, through training and inspection, to achieve and to maintain satisfactory technical standards of home building.

The National Home Builders Registration Council (NHBRC) is a regulatory body of the home building industry.

It wasestablished in 1998 in accordance with the provisions of the Housing Consumers Protection Measures Act,1998 (Act No. 95 of 1998). Our mandate is to protect the interests of housing consumers and to ensure that builders comply with the prescribed building industry standards as contained in the Home Building Manual.

Our goal is to assist and protect housing consumers from any unscrupulous home builders who deliver substandard houses,bad workmanship and poor quality material. No matter the size or value of your home building project the NHBRC is here to assist and protect you.

As a valued customer, we urge you to ensure that your builder is registered and certified by the NHBRC. Any person who is involved in the business of building homes is required by law to register with us and failure to do so constitutes a criminal offence punishable by law. The NHBRC certifies builders who meet the prescribed industry standards criteria in terms of technical competence, construction experience and financial capability.

The Act also requires all new homes to be enrolled with the NHBRC at least 15 days prior to construction. Enrolling your home building project with the NHBRC protects you against poor building practices.
Our building quality inspectors will inspect the construction of your home to ensure that it is not exposed to structural failure.

To be a world-class home builders’ warranty organisation that ensures the delivery of sustainable, quality homes.
To protect the housing consumer and regulate the home building environment by promoting innovative home building technologies, setting home building standards and improving the capabilities of home builders.
• Customer service excellence
• Good corporate governance
• Research and innovation
• Commitment and moral integrity
• Technical excellence