Plans submission FAQ’s – 1

What are the minimum requirements to be provided on a plan in order to be accepted for submission?

Refer to included “Building Application – Minimum Requirement Guideline”.
Applications are only accepted once all the necessary fees ( including VAT ) have been paid.

In what order are NEW building applications processed?

First-In, First-Out ( F.I.F.O ) based on building plan number.

In what order are applications processed that are resubmitted “ANEW” after having been previously REFUSED by the local Authority?

In terms of the Act an application previously refused by the L/A may be submitted ANEW. Such applications are considered anew on a First-In, First-Out ( F.I.F.O ) basis with reference to the date of such ANEW submission. No reference being made to the original date of submission.

Why can I not contact the Assessment Officer prior to a decision having been made?

Applications are not allocated to an Assessment Officer on submission. Applications are first circulated to the relevant external departments ( where necessary ) for comment. Applications are then allocated to an A/O on the day that they are to be dealt with. Until an application has been assigned for assessment to an Assessment Officer, all enquiries as to the status, expected allocation date, etc. are to be directed to the Plan Assistant enquiry number/s.

Why is it necessary to have my application pre-scrutinized before I can resubmit my refused application?

The Act provides the L/A with one of two options, that is to either APPROVE or REFUSE an application. The Act also allows a refused application to be submitted ANEW at no additional cost subject to

(i) this being done within one year of the original / initial date of refusal; and

(ii) the plans, specifications and documents having been amended so as to satisfy any reason which may have caused the application to be refused in the first place. The reason for a pre-scrutiny is to establish whether the issues which gave rise to the refusal have been attended to.

Where it is found that this has not been achieved those applications will not be accepted.

This process may differ in the Regional Offices due to operational constraints. To avoid unnecessary delays for developers/owners reasons for refusal should be satisfactorily resolved prior to any submission anew of an application.

What can I as the Owner / Author do to assist in speeding up the assessment process?

Undertake the necessary research into the property with the relevant departments to ensure that issues related to the Town Planning Schemes and any Consent, Heritage, Social responsibility & Environmental legislation, L/A services providers requirements have been taken into consideration prior to submitting an application for consideration by the department. Further ensure that, where necessary, the required restrictive conditions in Title Deeds have been removed prior to submission of an application.

Should I phone in to enquire about my application?

The owner and author are responsible for tracking the status of an application once submitted to the local authority. However, as there are additional administrative functions and circulation of copies of the plan to external departments for comment, it is advised that the owner / author only contact the department after three weeks from the date of submission. This will allow for the department to provide a reasonable response as to the actual status of an application.

Whom should I contact about the status of an application?

All enquiries as to the status of an application are to be directed to the enquiry telephone numbers available from the respective Area offices, NOT the Assessment staff or Central Information Centre, Old Fort Road.

How will I know when a decision has been made with respect of my application?

You will be advised by means of a notification card, sent to the Owner and identified recipient, whether the application is refused or approved.

Unfortunately the Local Authority cannot guarantee delivery of such notifications as this is the responsibility of the SA Post Office. The notice setting out the reasons for any Refusal will be available on collection of the application from the relevant area office dealing with the application. With respect to an Approved application, the Notice of Approval will again be available upon collection of the application.

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