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Estates & Complex’s

CGR also offer the submission of the following:

  • Addition’s & alterations submissions
  • New residential home in an existing estate or complex

These type of architectural design still follows the same 8 stage design cycle as mentioned in our new residential home page, namely:

  • Inception (preliminary research)
  • Site analysis
  • Brief development, fee proposal and design contract
  • Concept design
  • Design development
  • Council submission process
  • Construction documents

However when planning to build or alter in an estate or complex you may need to consider the architectural board for that estate will require that the plans has to be approved by the estate management board.

This is to ensure that your alteration or new building will comply with the standards and design requirements as so required by your estate management board.

For estate’s and complex’s, council will require the following additional documentation which your architectural professional should be able to obtain from the estate management board:

  • Signed & stamped copy of the overall site plan of the entire estate/complex.
  • Approval letter from the estate management board
  • All drawings will need to be stamped and signed off by the estate management board.
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