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Additions & Alterations

If you decide to add on more floor area to your existing property or any alterations to the existing property has to be approved by the local council unless they are minor in nature and in this case will be submitted as a ‘minor building work’:

Items that we will require for council submission:

  • A copy of your title deed
  • Proxy letter (for companies, trusts etc.)
  • Copy of your latest council approved plans

Note: It is a council standard to submit the following reports along with your application to council’s development planning department (2nd stage):

  • Engineer (for structural drawings, stormwater drawings, geotech report etc.)
  • Energy efficiency report
  • Water reticulation drawings
However there is no need to stress as we have the necessary contacts to obtain the above mentioned reports for final approval at council.

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A copy of the Ethekwini Building Plan Brochure can be downloaded from:


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